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9/10/09 07:24 pm - last post on this blog

Finally I can turn my attention to some of the deeper mysteries of life, such as:
why is it when, in Empire, when Princess Leia yells "it's a trap!" to Luke, no one makes an icon out of that, or quotes that, but when Admiral Akbar says it in Jedi, they do?

I think its because even though Princess Leia was right, we don't sympathize with Luke, because he went willingly and kind of knew, and we wouldn't have done that - whereas Admiral Akbar is the squadron commander of the rebel army, and they didn't know, and the army includes you doesn't it?

7/20/09 12:34 pm - Everything Learns


if learning is too personal a term then you could say 'adapts'.
Like in Blade Runner, the replicants learn about the future.

This means its important to keep a positivist stance toward science and technology, even though there have been excesses, because for one thing the odds of you being negatively affected are low, the truth of the matter is that the excesses will initially target the scientist themselves, especially if they have been co-opted by a competitive business entity in the name of capitalism. Effectiveness becomes a burden for the rational mind, because you know it may one day be used against you. The Golem gathers legs and starts walking, for example. Or, one could think of the arms race as a better example.

But human curiosity is insatiable, attempts to stall progress are made for religious reasons.

You can also look at this from a low-tech perspective and start with a precondition that everything in the universe is alive to some extent. This is a tenet of Egyptology, and referred to as the animated universe. Many native american tribes also have a pantheistic expression which is similar. This opens up a wide space of 'alchemy' between the frail human subject and hard, tool-oriented 'science,' that anyone can walk into.

12/20/08 08:44 pm - watching a lot of Japanese


12/8/08 06:20 pm - Whoa


Just about a quarter-mile north of us, I live off Governor Dr. Was just surfing for jobs as usual, heard the big boom, thought it was a car accident at first, but then, no, too big. Going outside and there's this big cloud of smoke billowing away just behind the row of houses at the north end of the street.

They got on it right away, A helicopter was flying over, broadcasting: 'there was no ordnance on the plane - please go back in your homes,' etc. Minutes later, police everywhere. Cars going up and down the street, photographers.

poor people in the house were killed, too bad

Unusual for that to happen

11/28/08 12:17 pm - !!


11/4/08 12:44 pm

10/30/08 10:26 pm - What do the colors

black and yellow next to each other

-besides caution tape-

10/11/08 10:52 am - Its a hit

My play is a success! Very well-received, well-directed too I might add.
There were some local veteran directors in the audience and they told me it was good.

And one guy gave me the best compliment you can get outside of New York, which is - "this is good enough for New York"


10/3/08 02:08 pm - Robert Reichs' blog -yeah that short guy


9/17/08 08:44 am - Henry Miller

on money:

To walk in money through the night crowd, protected by money, lulled by money, dulled by money, the crowd itself a money, the breath money, no least single object anywhere that is not money. Money, money everywhere and still not enough! And then no money, or a little money, or less money, or more money but money always money . and if you have money , or you don't have money, it is the money that counts, and money makes money, but what makes money make money?"
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